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What is GeM (Government e Marketplace)

Government e Marketplace is an online platform for public Procurements in India. The initiative was launched on 9 August 2016 by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Government of India, to create an open and transparent purchasing platform for government buyers.

Mr Prime Minister, on the recommendation of a group of secretaries, he decided to set up a dedicated online market for various goods and services purchased by government organizations / departments / PSUs. This means turning DGS & D into a digital e-commerce portal for buying and selling goods and services.

The Government e Marketplace (GeM), implemented in a record time of five months, facilitates the online purchase of commonly used goods and services required by various government ministries / organizations / PSUs. GeM strives to improve the transparency, efficiency and speed of public procurement. It provides e-bidding, reverse e-auction, and demand aggregation tools to make it easier for government users to get the best value for their money.

Regulations of the Government of India (Business Allocation), ACT1961, report of 8 December 2017 (PDF size: 1.55 MB) made the following entry

GeM purchases by government users are permitted and required by the Ministry of Finance by adding a new rule No. 149 of the General Financial Rules, 2017


How to register on GeM portal as seller?

The GeM enrollment process has changed a lot in recent times. Such a change that indeed the deepest and most educated individualities need a hot course to accelerate. Simply put, registering a GeM has come so simple and easy that anyone can take a many simple way and register in the GeM or Government E request.

The GeM enrollment process has changed a lot in recent times. Such a change that indeed the deepest and most educated individualities need a hot course to accelerate. Simply put, registering a GeM has come so simple and easy that anyone can take a many simple way and register in the GeM or Government E request.

Then's the list of validations needed for GeM dealer enrollment

  • PAN as the evidence of individualities identity and address authentication
  • Company Registration, LLP- associated documents, or MSME (Udyog Aadhar)
  • GST certificate
  • A cancelled cheque
  • Separate address evidence and identity evidence
  • Bank account details and documents vindicating the same
  • Trademark document/certificate
  • Documents indicating the services and products that are offered by the association in question
  • Address evidence of the head of the company
  • The mobile number that's registered with your Aadhar Card
  • MSME certificate
  • NSIC documentation
  • ITR (Income Tax Returns)
  • DoE order compliance

The below documents are necessary for the GeM portal enrolment process. It's stylish if the aspirant has all these documents and their originals at the time of enrolment.

Forged and fake documents will affect in the rejection of the aspirant from the process, and this is, of course, commodity that doesn't want to be


Now without farther ado, here is a step by step companion to the GeM enrolment process.


Go to the gem.gov.in website for Register as GeM resellers.

Of course, the first step you need to take after carrying all the necessary attestation, as mentioned before in the procedure, is to visit the GeM gov website. To start the process on the website, you must click on the reseller tab and also log in. Once you've done it, it will show you the terms and conditions we encourage you to review before you click accept. The coming step in applying for the tender on the GeM portal is to fill in the form.

Fill up the form with the correct information asked

Once you click on the conditions, you'll be diverted to the GeM enrollment form, which you'll need to fill in the applicable information. Then are some details demanded to fill out the form

  • Name of the association that's applying for the GeM portal login
  • Next, you would have to decide the type of enrollment and need to fill out some introductory information similar as name, PAN number, Date of Birth, Registered and correspondence address, and other affiliated effects
  • The mobile number is coming. It would be good if you choose a number that's registered with your Aadhar number, as it would make the whole process significantly easier and straightforward. You would have to corroborate the number by entering the OTP that you'll admit at the same number. Once you have done it, it'll authenticate the number and link it with your account. this same information will be required for GeM portal login as well.
  • The coming step is you will receive verification email on email address that you want to link to your GeM account and, more specifically, for your GeM login. You would need to authenticate it in the same system as your phone number. After also, choose the asked username and word, and also simply click on the produce account option, and voila, your GeM account enrollment is complete

double check the information

Once you produce an account, the coming step is to pierce features similar as the GeM biding, the GeM tender, the direct purchase of GeM, and indeed the GeM L1 process ( utmost are limited to government officers). This can only be done after you have vindicated all the information demanded for the competition in the enrollment process. And while some of these features may vary depending on the type of account and the person/ association creating the GeM login, the attestation remains the same.

Just go to the below allowed list and find out what you need. Once you have everything, you can list products and services on the dashboard.

Benefits for buyers

First of all, one thing needs to be clear, government bodies, and those that come under the new rule No 149 in General Financial Rules of 2017, have to make any kind of procurement of common goods and services through the Government e marketplace portal. It is the law, and there is no getting around to it. But that is not to say that there are no benefits to it. In fact, one can easily argue that it has made government procurement so much better than the old method.

  • It allows for a rich listing of products per different categories of goods and services, enabling the authorized official to have various options when choosing any such goods or services for procurement. It also enables competition among sellers
  • The Government e marketplace portal has an advantageous search and compare mechanism that allows the government official to easily search, compare, select, and, lastly, buy various sellers' offered products and services
  • Since the portal is online, it naturally allows for procurement through the online medium, improving efficiency.
  • The government e marketplace is a transparent medium that also makes the whole buying process significantly easier. Another massive advantage of this portal.
  • It has a vendor rating system, which naturally assists the buyer in determining which vendor might be preferable to them
  • An up-to-date, user-friendly dashboard for not only just buying the goods and services but also allowing one to monitor supplies and payments
  • There is also a provision for returns of the items mentioned under the portal easy return policy.

Benefits for Sellers

The Government e marketplace has made it easier for businesses, organizations, and even individuals to offer their products and services to the government bodies, which till-date are the biggest purchases of goods and services in the nation. Naturally, this portal is an excellent avenue for sellers to trade directly with various government bodies.

  • Allows the seller to have direct access to all government departments, making it easier to offer their products and services directly to an interested body
  • When it comes to the marketing aspect, it is a one-stop destination. Think about it, with minimal effort, an organization can easily list their goods and services that would be advertised to all government bodies that are interested in procurement. It is simply a marketer's dream
  • A seller can easily place bids, participate in the reverse auction and do a lot more, all at one site
  • New product suggestion is a facility that is available to the sellers registered with the platform
  • The pricing of goods and services is dynamic, changing based on market conditions.
  • The interface is extremely user-friendly. In fact, it would not take one more than half an hour to master this portal
  • The dashboard allows the seller to observe the selling of their goods and services, monitor their supplies, and finally keep track of their payment as well
  • Consistent and uniform purchase procedures are another big advantage a seller would have with the Government e marketplace portal

As one can see, this portal is hugely advantageous to both the seller as well as the buyer of the goods and services. So, if a potential seller is on the fence about registering on the platform, then they only need to look at the positives and the benefits of this portal and register with the Government e marketplace today!

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